Home Ah, the bane of every fat girl.  The picture.  Well, I'm breaking myself of the shame.  Starting with headshots, then moving on.  Pictures.  Even with the bad summer in Virginia hair :D

Posted June 20th.

Red shirt, earrings, flash off, no makeup, hair up.

Black polo, no makeup, no glasses, flash off.

Wild hair, glasses, no makeup, flash doing insane things.

Wild hair, again, red shirt (I own a lot of red shirts), no makeup.

Red shirt, again, no makeup, flash.

No shirt :D  glasses, extremely wild hair.  no makeup, full on flash.  Ahem, that one right there is hard to post, but I am woman, hear me whimper.

Same set of pics, can you see the new hair growth?!?  I've got a lot of new growth after I lost so much while ill last year.

Ignore the mess on the bed behind me.  Tie-dyed shirt, full on fat face, slightly blurred due to shaky arm.

How my hair spends most of the summer.  In a bun, being tamed.  Upclose shot, lots o' flash.  I can't fit the bun and my face in one shot at arms length.  I have short arms. 


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