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Monday, October 09, 2006

Jean-Paul Gaultier used a plus size model in his fashion show. Unfortunately, he has no plans to start a plus size line, nor use plus size models again. He used this woman as an exclamation point, to show that he was an outsider and different.

What a damn shame, he could have made a point that women of all sizes are beautiful, and that plus size women deserve beautiful clothes too.

Via Daily Mail

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I've been so far away from here, in another world working on other issues. Mainly ones within myself and my family, and have had no time for FBG.

That doesn't mean I've stepped away from fat acceptance, in fact, I still write my politicians. I read the blogs, I discuss fat acceptance.

It's just there are so many blogs out there now, that say things before I get to them that I feel like I'm repeating things, and not as well.

When, I first started this site, fat accepting blogs were few and far between. Now, there everywhere. That, alone, is a good thing.

So, I've promised myself, that over the next few months, I will get back into writing here, and working on myself and fat acceptance. Even if it seems like I'm repeating, it's worth it. As who knows where someone might wander in from and see this?