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Sunday, July 25, 2004

This actually happened a week or so ago but, once again Metafilter showed its collective ass.  Anytime there is a mention of fat or anything to do with fat, those that hate fat people come out of the woodwork.

I've given up about correcting them, most of the time.  It is not worth the time nor the effort.  Many of them have closed minds about weight and fat.  They think fat is bad and that's all there is to it.

Well, I want to know something, why are fat people hated by some?  What in the hell is so offensive about having more flesh on your body than someone else?  Is it that we offend your sensiblities?  Is it we don't fit the idea of a perfect body?

No, it can't be that.  A whole lot of those who are going off about fat people, are not all that attractive, themselves.

Why it must be because we're stupid.  Well, it can't be that, either.  I know plenty of fat people who are very intelligent, hell, we're just like our thin sisters other than the whole size issue.

We must be lazy.  Oh, come on.  That can't be it, either.  There are just as many lazy thin people as there are lazy fat people.  Lazy is just lazy.  And, I have never seen a fat hater state they don't like someone because they are lazy.  Nope, it's just because they are fat. 

Really, if you are that threatened by a little extra adipose tissue.  You need help.  Seriously, if someone has a hatred of someone based solely on their size, they have mental issues and therapy could change that.

What do you think about it?  Leave me a note.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I now adore Mimi Smartypants.

"I noticed these weird advertising posters for McDonald's. They feature a slightly nauseating close-up of a salad, and they say THREE WORDS: NORTH AVENUE BEACH. When I first saw these ads it took me a minute to get their point... until I finally saw the oblique advertising strategy, which I think goes something like this: you're fat; we decree that beachwear requires you not to be fat; eat salad so as not to be so fat; because we said so.

Luckily I had my Sharpie and my poor impulse control, so since there was no one watching I stood on the seats to modify one of these posters. So if you are riding the Red Line and see the McDonald's ads that say THREE WORDS: FASCIST BEAUTY STANDARDS, yeah that was me. You're welcome. Get your own Sharpie, think of your own three words, and join in the fun!"

Go Mimi!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I'm back. After several weeks of very limited access I am back in full force. I missed you all.

Right off, a quick little tidbit:
America Bulks Up. Okay, I shouldn't get too mad, right. I mean it is an article written by a 19 or 20 year old kid. But, damn is he full of hate, for instance:

"We can go to the beach and wear that bathing suit; our guts may hang out of our shirts but they won't stick out in a crowd. Somehow, Roseanne has become a Nick-at-Night classic. Companies as diverse as car manufacturers and coffin makers are designing next-generation products for the fat lifestyle. And I do mean fat; one company is designing a 63-inch-wide casket for the plus-sized corpse. "

So, it's a bad thing that some of us fat asses have finally decided that it is okay for us to go to the beach? Roseanne on Nick at Night is bad because it has 2 fat characters? Why is that bad? Roseanne and Dan are a lot more like most families I know. Compare them to other sitcom families of the time, The Keatons (all thin, all white, all college educated) The Cosbys (all thin, all college educated, monied) etc. How many of us had families with two professionals who could afford anything their little hearts desired?

Not very many of us, I'm sure. Why shouldn't television characters look more like real life people?

As for the cars and caskets bit, hello, fat people drive and die, too. Should we be forced to be buried in a box that doesn't fit our body? I mean come on, how does a larger than average casket hurt anyone.

And cars? The car listed as most room for fat people (ie wider hip area, more room at the steering wheel, etc.) is the damn New Beetle. Now, why is that a problem? It sure isn't a gas guzzling, road hog of an SUV.

Now, the author, Timothy Mosso, can't even get his facts right about Big Fat Blog. He claims it is owned by NAAFA. Which, obviously is not true. Big Fat Blog has nothing to do with NAAFA. If he can't get even that simple idea down, does he really have his other facts straight?