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Thursday, June 24, 2004

I'm offline for awhile, but I will return. Until then, miss me :)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I'm sorry for my neglect, here, at FBG.

While, I have been neglectful to you my loyal readers, I have not been neglectful to the size acceptance cause. I have written more letters than I ever wished to. The attack on fat in the USA is getting to the point that I wish I could turn of all sorts of media.

Fat has been blamed for everything, and hell, now fat people are worse than terrorists according to some people. I'm so fed up with it, that I've literally been reading a minimum of 6 letters a day to various newspapers, news programs, and writers. By now I should be able to just copy and paste from my file of letters, instead I actually spend time on each one, making sure they realize exactly what they are doing, pointing out all their flaws.

It's tiring, but, there are not enough of us out there, doing this. If you're reading this, you are on a computer. Take the time to write just one letter a day, hell, a week, even to a media outlet that has bashed fat and/or fat people. If every person who was fat or loved a fat person did this, we wouldn't have to listen to the bashing every hour of every day.


As for everything else? Well, I've been researching various fat clothing sources in order to post more links here. I have some that I'm waiting to hear back from, others that will not be posted here for various reasons.

I have been writing those who don't use fat models and asking them why. Why sell clothing, especially supersize clothing, then model it on a size 6? I mean really, can you tell how that dress will look on your size 16, 26, 0r 36 body when it's been pinned and tucked on thin model?

I'd rather they use no models at all, so we could tell more how the item is cut, than to have a model who is the equivalent of a human clothes hanger, show me what it looks like.

Have a great fat day,