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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It seems the women of Put Down the Donut have directed their minions here to attack me.

Actually, from reading Joelle's personal site , she asked that people not attack me, personally. Of course, some of you all are.

Let's get a few things straight:

It's Suzy not Suzi or any other variation. Thank you. :)

Yes, I'm fat. No, shit. Why else would I have a site promoting accepting your body and loving who you are, now, not waiting for some magical number on the scale to appear.

No, I'm not unhappy or miserable. Good grief, if that's what you get from my pictures, get glasses. If I was unhappy with how I looked, there wouldn't be pictures all over of me. I am vain, damnit, and proud of it.

Yes, I could have closed the window to their site, without commenting, but, then so could all of you. Instead I'm being disparaged.

Joelle's right, I never called them bitches. I tend not to use words like that to refer to people just because I disagree with them.

Let me quote one woman, Laurie, I believe "Oh and honey just because you have a husband who "squeezes" you to him and "caresses" all of you doesn't mean he too wouldn't be *happier* if you were healthier and took control of yur body. Bear in mind that there are no guarantees in life and there is no guarantee that the fat squeezing and caressing will go on forever. "

Really, you can speak for my husband, now? I assure you that my husband of 5 years and partner of almost 8, isn't going anywhere. He loves every inch of me, including all my fat.

As for the comments on Joelle's personal site, no I don't have mental health issues. Good grief, because I disagree with someone else's website now I have mental issues? Come on, people, get a grip on reality.

As for twisting their words. No, I didn't twist them, in fact, they are laid out in the entry a ways down the page. The ones in italic are directly from Put Down The Donuts mission statement.

Yes, I read the site. I didn't like it. Sorry, I didn't. From their mission statement to their daily posts, I didn't. I don't have to like it, as my purpose here is to promote size acceptance, not to push a diet on you. I dieted my way to the size I am now. Nor do you have to like this site, but insulting me and my appearance? I wasn't insulting Joelle or Sphinx. I disagreed with their site, I posted that. I don't know them, just as you all do not know me.

Now, I eat healthily, I exercise, I'm still fat. Holy Shit, a fat person that doesn't eat crap all the time! Guess what, I know a lot of fat people who eat less than their thin counterparts. It's not all about what you eat.

Diets fail 95-98% of the time. Sorry, read the statistics. It's true. Diets tend to fail. I'm not sugarcoating it like so many others.

If you are one of the 2 to 5 percent who does lose the weight long term, good for you. But, what if you're not? Should you continue to wallow in self-pity and hatred because you're not a size 6? Or should you live your life the way you want to?

I vote for living in the now, we have a limited number of years on this planet. I am not going to waste my time hating my body because society says I should. I am not going to wait to do things because I'm fat. I'm not putting off my life. And neither should you.

Go out, buy that short skirt, dance the night away, write that novel, sing in front of a crowd. Live in the now, we don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Have a great FAT day,


PS: Yes, I am deleting posts that disparage fat people. That is stated on here several times. If you insult fat people, they're out of here. This is a FAT ACCEPTANCE site, we don't need your insults.

As for those of you who are commenting, but not insulting fat people, or me, thanks for the comments. I welcome them.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

New picture set is up. The pictures within are from multiple days, spread out over the past couple of months.


Thank God, I don't live in Chile A woman was pulled over and had her driver's license taken from her because she was fat.

To get her license back she had to prove she was dieting.

(via bigfatblog)

Fat causes PCOS well, that is what a few doctors are saying. Yet, in my experience, and many of those I know with PCOS, controlling PCOS helps women to lose some of their weight.

And, in several studies, it has been shown that PCOS is actually being diagnosed now, where earlier it was not. I wish the doctors/researchers would actually research more treatment options and/or a cure instead of worrying about solely about fat.

Are we seeing more cases of PCOS due to obesity levels? Or is it the PCOS causing the obesity levels, especially in teenagers? My doctor is sure I had PCOS starting at 15 years old. 15! I didn't find out then because weird periods, odd hair growth, etc were considered part of being a teenager.

Now, that PCOS is being discussed, and looked for, of course they're finding more cases of it. And parents are reading the information, realizing their daughters are having issues, and having them treated.

Sounds like a good thing to me.