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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Postcards for Mom Okay, this isn't fat related, but it is hilarious. This guy is having people from around the world send his Mom various things. Postcards, bottle caps, business cards. Now, the thing is, she has no clue why this stuff is showing up, there.

I love it, and damnit, I wish I had thought of it.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

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A doctor admits what we have known all along "I admit that I have a problem with morbid obesity."

"I have many successes with the overweight, and a few successes with the obese, but no successes with the morbidly obese. So I am hardened. And I am prejudiced. "

Well, no shit. We, the fat people, know you're prejudiced against us. We know you see us solely as fat. You don't look beyond the fat for what's actually wrong should we have a health issue. Nope, your answer "Loss weight."

Even though DB, admits he has no success with the "morbidly obese" losing weight, that's still what they tell us.

Are doctors not seeing that there is something else there? Maybe there's a reason we're not dropping down to a size 6? Maybe, just maybe, there's something they don't understand about fat?

At least, DB, admitted his prejudice towards fat patients. I hope he refers those patients elsewhere, to a physician who is fat friendly, one who looks beyond the size of a patients ass, and to the patient as a person.

The number one thing I tell doctors who see me: Treat me as if I'm a thin patient. What treatment would you prescribe for someone who weighs 120 pounds?

The number two thing? No, I will fucking not have Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Here's a quote from the article DB is referring to: "These are people who should be going to the doctor more often than others, but in many cases they are not. Studies suggest this is because they believe the health system doesn't want to deal with them, or is out to humiliate them.

Here is what they experience: gowns that are too small; waiting room chairs they cannot squeeze into; scales placed in public view; exam tables that tip over; procedures (such as pelvic exams) that turn embarrassing when extra staff is required to lift the patient's middle. "

And you wonder why fat people have health problems? We let minor things go, until they are no longer minor. We avoid doctors until we can no longer take the pain of an illness. We'd rather suffer, than be humilated by a medical field who treats us like excrement.

Open your eyes, docs, 2/3 of the USA's population fits your view of fat. You keep treating us like this, you keep dehumanizing us, and wonder why doctors are no longer seen as worthy of worship?

Friday, February 13, 2004

Holy Shit. As I'm redoing this site, I republished comments, and it seems I missed a lot of them. I'm sorry about that, but, I'm catching up now. If I had seen them originally, I would have commented back.

As for the ones who posted nasty stuff, here's a place for you Go Fuck Yourself Hee. Also, for the one who wouldn't date me? I'm married, happily, and have been for 5 years. Sorry for your luck.

Now, onto what we're here for, fat stuff.

Sasha (whom I adore) made a comment about losing weight and exercise. I am not against weight loss, or exercise. Not at all, what I have a problem with (and Sasha agrees) is being forced to fit some ideal weight that others determine for me.

No one has the right to tell me that I have to lose weight to fit society's beauty ideals. Hell, even if I lost the weight, I would still not fit the tall (I'm short), long legged (I have very short legs), perfect breasted (perky, I have never been) ideals. Nor would I want to fit those ideals. I don't want to be a generic, cookie cutter, airbrushed person.

What joy is there in fitting one standard?

I find joy in myself, from my fat legs to my fat face. My husband squeezes me to him and caresses all of me, even my stomach, which is large and squishy. I look into a mirror and I see me. And that me is fat.


Last week, I was watching my niece, Kyrsie. She's four years old and you know how honest kids are. They say what they feel, they don't have the capacity to tell little white lies.

You know what she told me? "Aunt Pooh, you're fat."

"Yes, sweetheart, I'm fat." I replied.

"I like your tummy, it's soft. You're pretty, Pooh. "

She's a sweet kid, one who hasn't been touched by society's fat hatred, yet. I'm working with her. I want her to understand that fat is not bad. I want her to love her body, whether she's fat or thin, short or tall. I want her to be 14 and not have been on a diet for 3 years because she thinks she's fat.

I want her to love her body, in all its wonder. You only get one in this life.

And I don't just want it for her, I want it for every little girl out there. I want them to love themselves, to recognize that their body is a good one, no matter what it looks like.

Have a great Friday.