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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Giovanna Guidini won Italy's Miss Chubby contest. Miss Guidini weighs 416 pounds. When, I first heard of this I figured it was a joke, that they were making fun of fat women. I was very pleased when I read this

"The idea isn't to make fun," said Gianfranco Lazzereschi, one of the organisers
of the festival held in the Tuscan town of Forcoli. "We wanted to show that the
media image of perfection -- being stick-thin -- isn't the only way to get

A FatBottomedGirls round of applause for Forcoli and Giovanna. I sure wish we could see things like this in the United States.


At 6:36 AM, The G said...

It's a shame to see people taking advantage of illed individuals like obeses are.
It's all in the name of money! These poor women brain washed with words like "Grasso e' bello" (Fat is beautiful). I am italian and this kind of contests make me feel ashamed of my country. I can't believe a country like Italy can allow such disrespectful parties. I can't beleive it and I am moving to make shut down the whole circus! I have asked people to wonder "what if it would be your daughter or your sister... would you feel good to see her up there?" - The answer has always been "NO". If you beleive I am right and you want to partecipate to my mission to help these poor women being saved but fake smiles that hides bad thoughts and feelings in those who whatch, than spread my word and contact me to know where you post or write about it. Thank you! G


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