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Saturday, July 10, 2004

I now adore Mimi Smartypants.

"I noticed these weird advertising posters for McDonald's. They feature a slightly nauseating close-up of a salad, and they say THREE WORDS: NORTH AVENUE BEACH. When I first saw these ads it took me a minute to get their point... until I finally saw the oblique advertising strategy, which I think goes something like this: you're fat; we decree that beachwear requires you not to be fat; eat salad so as not to be so fat; because we said so.

Luckily I had my Sharpie and my poor impulse control, so since there was no one watching I stood on the seats to modify one of these posters. So if you are riding the Red Line and see the McDonald's ads that say THREE WORDS: FASCIST BEAUTY STANDARDS, yeah that was me. You're welcome. Get your own Sharpie, think of your own three words, and join in the fun!"

Go Mimi!


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