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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Robyn of One Fat Bitchypoo writes in response to April's Playboy:

"I can’t seem to find the words to describe to you the utter horror I felt when I read the above response in PLAYBOY magazine, a response I feel is pure and utter crap. It makes me sad and angry that JS in Oakley will read and believe what this faceless, unimportant guy thinks, and she will close her heart to possibility. She’ll give up on the idea that someone could love her for who she is, and find her appealing and sexy no matter her size. She will so fully believe what this man has told her that when she is minding her own business at the book store and a man looks at her and smiles, she will not for one moment believe that he could find her attractive, that he is thinking about how fat she is, and she will scowl at him until he turns away. "

You need to read the whole entry/article at her site.

My thoughts?: I'm done with Playboy, as well. Robyn and I discussed our oddity of being women who enjoyed Playboy some time back. There is no writing in the world worth supporting them, after this.

I've written them about this and will no longer purchase Playboy. I refuse to support fat hate in any way, shape, or form.