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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Fat Girl Feel Good:

- The next time you go out, whether it's to the grocery store, the gas station, the post office, or just to sit on your porch, put on your favorite outfit. The one that makes you feel sexy, that gives you confidence.

If you don't have an outfit like that, buy one.

- Buy clothes that fit not just your body, but your personality. If you're a wild girl, show it. Yes, I know that a lot of fat chicks clothes suck, but there are a lot more choices with internet shopping.

- Buy clothes that fit. You don't need a shapeless sack. Pick the body part you like the most and highlight it. If you have incredible legs, wear that short skirt. Cleavage to die for? That low cut va-va-voom shirt needs to be in your wardrobe.

- Wear some color. I know the magazines tell you to wear black to look thinner. Guess what? Black only cuts 10 pounds from you. 10 pounds is not worth losing all the colors in the world. Buy a gorgeous red top, wear that bright blue skirt, order that purple dress. Colors are your friend. And I say this as someone who's main wardrobe colors are red and black. I'm trying to branch out.

- Refuse to wear the fat chick uniform. You know the one, if you're in your teens and 20s it is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that is 4 sizes too big, if your older than that it's a shapeless top and/or shapeless dress. Go beyond the norm.

- Own at least one piece of jewelry that makes you feel good. It doesn't have to be an expensive piece or even real. My favorite (other than my wedding band) is a huge pair of silver hoops, I adore them and I feel good in them.

- Be happy in your body, smile, damnit, and fuck anyone who doesn't like how you dress.