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Friday, April 23, 2004

Back in February of this year, I ordered a dress from Big On Batik. Now, I have drooled over their clothes for a long time, and they finally had one of the dresses I adored on sale. Even though it wasn't one of my 2 standard colors (red and black) I ordered it.

And, I love this dress. Which you can see on this page. The fabric is divine, absolutely creamy feeling on my skin, the colors are brilliant and just fabulous. the fit? It's like they designed it specifically for my body. It tucked in perfectly at my waist, slid over my breasts, and danced over my hips.

I wore it last weekend for the first time. The compliments I got on that dress absolutely made my day. I didn't get as many compliments in my wedding dress! I want, no, I need, more of their clothes. I want a wardrobe full of them to wear everywhere. If you need a dress (or other items) go there, they are wonderful.