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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I found a site today, not a fat acceptance, fat positive site, in fact just the opposite. A diet site. And not just your average "You can do it, you can lose weight" site. Oh, no. From their mission page:

This is not a coddling, diet, never get off the couch, pampering, it's ok to be fat, society should just accept it, eat a whole pizza and expect us to say "good for you" kind of site.

No, indeedy.

Because remember, being fat is evil. And every fat person on the planet actually sits down and eats a whole pizza by themselves.

This site is different. Frankly, we don't fuck around. We don't claim to be experts, nor have all the answers, but we have been there. And still are there.

We all know the old adage: it's not about going on a diet. It's about changing your life. Guess what? They're not lying. And neither are we. We both are committed to the changes we've made in our lives and are sick to death of the "fat power" sites we've seen floating around.

Yeah, because empowering people at the size they are now, is a bad thing. Another damn site telling us we should hold off on our lives until we lose weight.

I don't care how "healthy" you are, if you're carrying an excessive amount of weight, it's not healthy. I don't care what kind of song and dance you want to give us about how Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 (which she wasn't, by the way -- it's a myth) or how full-figured women/husky men are better. It's still unhealthy, putting you at risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Really? More and more studies are showing that being sedentary is what does this, regardless of weight. Hmm, exercise is the answer, maybe?

We're not here to offend anyone. We're sure as shit not here to pretend like we are superior to anyone else. And we know we might piss people off, but maybe we'll make you mad enough to do something about it. Generally, if we piss you off with this, it's because you don't like hearing the truth.

You're fat, you're ugly, you need to lose weight. How many times have fat people been told that? Insulting people doesn't make the weight go away. If it did there would be no fat kids, no fat teens, no fat adults.

There wouldn't be any fat, because we've all heard this our whole live.

Of the sites I've surveyed before opening this one, there was a fascade of "fat acceptance" and "fat power" and "big and beautiful", but underneath there was a constant undercurrent of "why can't I lose weight"? You CAN! You just have to actually do the work.

Bullshit. You won't find an undercurrent of why can't I lose weight here. I'm fat, I know that. I've dieted, I've exercised, I've done it all.

I'm still fat. And fuck yeah, I'm beautiful.

We're not saying someone isn't beautiful because they're overweight. We're not being discriminatory against overweight people because who the hell are we to talk? We are/were fat! We're just saying "We were unhealthy at our top weights. This is what is working for us. We're the kind of broads that love food, like to laugh, are proud of our progress, don't pull punches and if you want in, get in already."

You too, can be one of the 95-98% of people who diet to lose weight and then gain it all back, plus more in many cases.

This site is here to be fun, sarcastic, relaxed, motivating and above-all honest. We're not going to blow sunshine up your ass and neither should you! Motivation, respect and honesty with each other, and most of all yourself are what can make this work for you.

No magic pill is going to come along, only a handful of overweight people really have a thyroid problem and unless you're morbidly, excessively, going to die-any-day-now obese and your doctor highly recommends it, stomach stapling doesn't have to be the answer.

No, gastric bypass isn't the answer, but neither is being told you're fat, you're worthless. The answer is accepting your body, no, fuck that, LOVING your body, loving yourself.

And living in the now. We have a limited number of years on this planet, whether you weigh 100 pounds or 500 pounds. Life is too short to wait to start living.

See that "What do you think?" below? It's a comments field, not an email link. Comment away :) As long as you do not disparage fat people (IE, no insults) your comments will remain.

Have a great, fat day.