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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The New Pics are Here

Eww, I am not liking the new blogger interface, it's pretty damn ugly.

I have a new set of pictures, which will go up later tonight.

I know I'm neglectful of all my online stuff, here recently. I have a million thoughts going through my head. But, today, I had an encounter with a woman at the grocery store. I was inline buying cleaning supplies, and a couple of other things for this weekend and I could see her glancing over me trying to see what was in my cart. I have a giant bag that was with me, so I tossed it on top of my stuff.

She had no reason to see what was in there, none at all. I knew what was going through her head, "Oh, look at the Fat woman, let's see how much junk food is in her cart."

All of us who are fat know that look, we've seen it before. The You Shouldn't be buying that look. I fucking hate that. As if anyone has the right to tell me what I can and can not eat. Even if I had a cart full of cakes and pies and chips, it's my fucking body, damnit.

After she realized she couldn't see must of my purchases, she moved to the side to look as I loaded the belt:

Lemons 3
Yellow Onions 2 3lb bags
Breading Mix (for chicken for the 4th)
Cigarettes (I know, they really are horrible things.)
Containers (Gladware)
Large Containers
Toilet Paper
Solo Plates
Utz Sour Cream Potato Chips (horror, the fat lady has potato chips)
Utz Plain Potato Chips (2 bags!)
Hot Dogs 1 .39 with a coupon, grilling time
Green Chilies
Steak 2
Ground Chuck (yeah for cooking out)

Wow, that's a horrible thing isn't it? I bought some food that wasn't lowfat or produce. I hate being judged for that. I want to take her home with my cram her face into my fridge full of produce, my freezer full of boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Then, I realize. It doesn't matter. People like her always think the worst of fat people. And really, even if I had a cart full of junk, it's none of her damn business. Stay out of my cart, woman.

I did look back at the belt as she loaded her stuff onto it. Fresh Preps, Meal in a boxes, frozen dinners and pizzas. Yet, she had the look on her face about me? Argh, I maybe fat, but damnit at least I cook.

Have a great night.