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A Fat Positive site, focusing on women who are fat and not ashamed of it.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

We're stuck with this old template, until Blogger is fixed and I can actually upload the new one. Manually updating is not happening, since I've been having other things that get in the way.

So, here I am, with the old template without all the new pages. It will have to do for now. Sorry guys. As for Fat Positive type things, it's been a rough week for me, with the start of the war in Iraq and I've been focused on that, and my Dad and Granny. I'm still looking for others to become involved here. It's as simple as asking me for access and all I ask is that you post on ocassion, fat positive news, quotes, etc. Or outrage over some sort of fat discrimination.

I'm gone for tonight. More soon.

Test, test, test

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Testing the new stuff. Friggin' blogger.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Clothing Links for Fat Bottomed Girls:

Since I wrote up a long post (on another forum) about some of my favorite sites to peruse, I figured I'd post it here, also.

Lane Bryant is two seperate entities. The stores have nothing to do with the catalog. If you go to Lane Bryant Catalogand pick through there, they do have some okay stuff, others which even my weird ass wouldn't be caught in.

Okay, some more links:

Silhouettes sizes 12 - 34, again, pick through the site. If you decide to order, call them, the website order form sucks ass.

Big On Batik1X - 8X, I love their clothes. Absolutely beautiful stuff, but, most is not formal. *

Hands of WomanXXS - Custom. Nice stuff, custom made, but not that expensive, you choose the fabrics *

Plus Size dot com12-40 Stunning dresses, more formal items, higher pricetags. Check their size charts, they run differently than normal manufacturers. *

Plus Woman1x - 8x Some nice pieces, some really blah pieces. *

Making It Big16 - 44 Some cute stuff, all natural fibers, you choose the fabric swatch. *

Zaftique Junior Plus stuff starts at 10 - 24 Woman's stuff starts at 18 - 40 *

Love Your Peaches 14 - 40 Mainly swimsuits, but, some dresses. *

Sanctuarie.net 1X - 8X Mainly Goth Style Stuff.

Ulla Popken12- 34 A wide variety of stuff.

* = they use real plus size models, not size 8s.