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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I did something this summer that I haven't done in years, probably since I was 10 or so.

I bought and wore sleeveless shirts, y'all. Two of them that I could wear outside the house (because inside the house, I'm all about the tanktops.) Now, any thin beautiful armed woman reading this does not get the significance.

Fat woman hide their arms. We do. Sleeves or jackets or wraps, you will not see a fat woman letting their arm fat out. Oh, no. Whether it's a formal dress or a tshirt, we hide them.

Should we be in a wedding where the dresses are sleeveless we bargain and beg for a wrap. We just don't show them.

Well, I did. Gleefully. One red, one white, sleeveless shirt. Worn multiple times this summer, arm fat flying, daring anyone to say a word.

And it was lovely, y'all. In the Virginia summertime heat, it was just amazing to be able to let my arms be just a tad cooler.

Hell, I even wore a sleeveless dress without a shirt underneath. Freeing myself, one day at a time from the shame of fat.

I am fat, I am woman, and I am back :)