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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Recently, I've had a clothing obsession. I've purchased quite a few new clothes, since it had been a long time.

I spent hours perusing various websites. Picking and choosing pants, dresses, shirts, skirts. I even went so far as buying a bathing suit. Yep, a bathing suit. I haven't owned one in several years, I had given up on ever wearing one again. So many people have given me a hard time over the years about my weight, that I quit exposing any more skin than absolutely necessary.

Well, I decided it was time to change that. I went to Love Your Peaches and wandered around. Janelle, the owner and designer is fabulous. Not only does the site feature big beautiful woman, but clothes that aren't your typical fat chick wear. No little girl designs, no muumuus, real beautiful clothes.

And they were having a sale. I found a suit a liked. It's a two piece. A top with a skirt and a plain bottom, one that doesn't bare all, but does look darling.

I ordered it in the fabrics I wanted (leopard print and black) and it came in just a few days later. I love it. It fits perfectly and makes me feel wonderful. Janelle was wonderful to email back and forth with and I will be purchasing more things from her site, soon.

I'm writing this, not just to praise Love Your Peaches, but, because of how good I felt buying clothes. The internet has made buying clothes as a fat women a lot nicer. We're no longer limited to one or two catalogs, who feature solely small women, there are a myriad of choices. And I don't have to purchase from sites that don't use fat women.