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Friday, February 21, 2003

Hello All.

I know updates are coming slow right now. But, I am still around, writing various politicians, writing letters to the editor, writing letters to journalists who write fatphobic articles. It seems I spend more of my time writing letters than writing anything else.

Not that I mind. Fat activism has become a regular part of my life. One that I won't back away from, one that I enjoy. I like working to convince others that fat isn't evil.

I've also been monitoring the comments here. If you post something nasty, boom, you're banned from posting comments. I won't ban you from reading, because, Lord knows those who post those comments are the ones who need to read that fat isn't bad.

And now, a big step for me. Valentine's night Tony (my husband for those of you who don't read my other stuff) and I went out to my favorite bar, with some friends. I picked out an outfit that I had bought in my earlier mentioned shopping spree. A black jacquard skirt and jacket. The skirt is ankle length and slightly flowly, the jacket is long and flowing.

Okay, sounds like pretty standard fare, right? Well, I also bought a red halter top. It's a long halter, but, a very cleavage revealing halter. I wore it under the jacket. A year ago, I would never have worn something so revealing, as the comments would have stopped me.

To my surprise, I got more compliments on my outfit than I had in a long time. The difference? Confidence. I've finally come to realize that I can dress nicely and show a little (okay a lot) of cleavage. I looked pretty damn good, if I do say so myself, and I do :D

So, my challenge to you. Wear something revealing. A shorter skirt, a low cut top, something arm baring. I know some of you here, are already at this point. Others are where I was a year ago. Try it. The confidence boost is wonderful.

And hey, who doesn't like a nice bit of skin?

Have a fabulous weekend,