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Monday, September 30, 2002

Another ramble of mine:

I've talked to a lot of women in my 27 years, many of whom have a problem with their size. Women from a size 2 to size 32+ all who have massive body issues.

Women who truly hate their bodies. Women who when asked when the favorite part of their body is, answer: eyes, nose, lips, hair, very few answer anything other than facial features.

Why? Why, do we hate our bodies. Think about it, in this life we only get one body. The one you're sitting there with is it. No one is going to magically reach down and give you a new body. Fat, thin, short, tall, that's what you are.

I know women who have been married for years, who still feel shame when their husbands look at their naked bodies. Women who hide their bodies from their spouses. Women who are thinking more about how their stomach is jiggling, than the orgasms that the could be having.

It's not easy to change this. Lord knows I'm not 100% about myself all the time. I have my good and bad days, but, it's time to celebrate our bodies. Live within them and enjoy them. Forget about the cellulite on our thighs, the jiggle of our stomachs, and live in the moment.

Big Fat Blog is celebrating it's 300th post! Hurray for 300 fat postive posts!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Weight Loss Ads Called Misleading

"The FTC found that 55 percent of weight-loss ads make claims that lack proof or very likely are false."

Well, no shit. How many times a day do you see an ad: Janie here lost 60 pounds by using (insert product of the day here).

Then in teeny tiny print down at the bottom you see Results Not Typical.

Yeah, I get that. In fact even if Janey did lose 60 lbs, I want to see her in a year. You know when 95+% of people have gained back the weight they lost.

Diet pills, tapes, drinks, shakes, etc, obviously don't work. We spend billions of dollars a year on them. BILLIONS, yet, the USA is getting fatter. We pop the pills, shake the shakes, inhale the 'aroma' of the day, yet we're still fat.

It doesn't work. Fat people know this. The average fat person has tried 6 different weightloss programs. Six! And is still fat. Of course, if everyone focused on how to stop fat people from being ridiculed, harassed, etc, maybe, just maybe we wouldn't need a multibillion dollar industry to tell us how we should look?

Again, stand up, look in the mirror (yeah, as hokey as that is) say it "I'm fat and I kick ass." If more women took their selfloathing and turned it to selflove, what a wonderful world it would be.

And then we can all tell Ms Craig to kiss our wide beautiful asses.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Ichub is the club for fat karoake enthusiasts. Rewarding groups of 4 whose combined weight is more than 794 pounds with a bottle of free whiskey, is helping draw the fat crowd into Ichug in Bangkok, Thailand.

It's a damned shame that there aren't more clubs like this. Where fat isn't looked upon as ugly, but an asset.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Witchwomban's Guide to Self Love:

* Bless your self in the mirror. Look for your beauty and claim it.

* Adorn yourself thoughtfully and joyfully. Wear color and texture, and sparkle. Be visible.

* Do not let anyone hear you say anything negative about your body. If others folks hear you bash yourself, they take it as an invitation to do so also.

* Do not let anyone "fat bash" in your presence. (but find clever and cutting ways to check folks.) It engages your creativity and stops you from feeling ashamed and humiliated.( Look at the book- Fat So for Marilyn Wann for many for many oh so snappy replies. )

* Remember some little fat girl may be observing you. Let her see that you love your life and that you walk in grace and beauty.

* Know that guys who accept fat women (but who don't fetishize them ) are stronger and way cooler then guys who fixate on "the accepted standard of beauty". Same goes for women. Women who see beauty in big women are gifts of the Goddess.

* Don't wait to live until you lose x pounds.

* Say this prayer as you eat. " Goddess bless this food and may it serve my body and enable me to dance with you in greater health, self love, joy and purpose, Blessed be."

* Have safe and healing women to talk with about the story of your body. Look to find your own authentic wise voice when it comes to making changes in your body or your weight. If you decide to lose weight, do it from a place of great self love and kindness and not from self hatred and fear.

* Study pleasure- Scents, colors, sites, sounds. Find all kinds of ways to please your self and know what pleases you. ( Origins Ginger body scrub is my favorite guilty pleasure. )

* Stop the habit of looking to see if your are the fattest woman in the room. It's not good for you, and does not cultivate sisterhood.

* Move that body- Claim your right to dance, swim, run, skate, fuck, what ever..

* Remember. You are Goddess.