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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Fatbottomedgirls.net is starting to propagate!

So, use it or mutteringfool.com/fat/ to get here from now on :D

Eventually, it will be hosted seperately, once I can afford that addon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Scarily enough, I just finished reading Fat!So?, as well. (Thank you to my 3WA Secret Pal). I very much enjoyed it and will be posting my thoughts in a couple of days on it.

Also, I just purchased fatbottomedgirls.net. Within a couple days it will be pointing towards here. Hurray! for cheap domain names.

I just finished reading Fat!so? by Marilynn Wann. People have been recommending this book to me for awhile now, but I thought I was already fat positive enough, and didn't think the book would have any impact on me. I was wrong. Wann writes in a casual, carefree style about issues of health, prejudice, and pride, and incites people of all sizes to love their bodies and not take any bullshit from anyone. She's my kinda fat woman!

Not only is the book a source of inspiration, it is an educational experience for anyone who might need to work through whatever lingering anti-fat thoughts they might have (um, which would be...EVERYONE.) There are a good number of testimonials and stories from fat people about the incredible amounts of teasing and torture they have endured because of their size. There is an entire section devoted to stories of fat teens who committed suicide because of the taunting of classmates. And, overriding all of that, there is this intense "fuck you all - I'm fat, and I'm not going to let you get me down" attitude.

I worry that a book like this might get overlooked by a thin person as being out of their realm and not applicable to their life. But if you know anyone who is fat (and probably especially if you don't) Fat!So? could serve as a valuable insight into the life of a fat person. You might be able to shatter some misconceptions, while you're at it. Did you know that diets fail NINETY PERCENT of the time? Shit, I knew it was futile to diet (and I'm happy to say that I have never been on a diet) but I didn't know it was that bleak. In fact, one of my favorite little factoids from the book is "Percentage of dieters who regain the weight within three years: 90. Percentage of Americans who believe in miracles: 70"

I also love the pictures of different butts, bellies, chins, and upper arms. Showing the beauty (and humanity) of bodies of all sizes.

Wann's Fat!So? site also contains lots of fat links, and a fat discussion board. There is also a zine, but I am not finding any information about current issues.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of my new heroes.

She posed for a magazine cover sans makeup, hair done, in her normal clothes, at home. You rock, Jamie.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

I did something this weekend. A thing I'd researched, thought about, worried about, freaked out about over the past couple of years.

It's a small step in my quest to truly accept and love my body as it is. (hey, I'm evolved, but, not that evolved.) I got a seatbelt extender for my car.

Yeah, it seems like no big deal, right? I hadn't wanted to admit to my husband, the man who loves every part of me, that I needed an extender. I just did without a seatbelt. Which is plain stupid.

I didn't completely make the step by myself. Tony went into the Ford dealership and actually got it for me. I'm not that far in my progress, yet. I didn't want to deal with any sneers, snarls, looks.

You know the looks I mean. The "Damn, look at that fat woman." "Run from her, fat might be contagious." "You're disgusting" Those looks. Surprisingly enough, there was no drama.

Tony walked in, asked for the extender, they handed it to him. He came out to the car and handed it to me. One small step, one little step. I'm fat. I need the extra couple of inches to have the seatbelt not ride across my neck. (Yep, my neck. It fit around me, but the way it came across my body with the connection being further back pulled the seatbelt across my neck.)

I spend the day and evening driving with a seatbelt on and grinning.

One step, y'all, one at a time.

I also have to say Ford rocks. They provide the seatbelt extenders at no charge, no fuss, no muss. If you need one call your local dealership. If they don't have one, they will order it for you.

What more information on extenders? Here you go, thanks Elizabeth.

And for information on seatbelts cutting across your neck, go here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Well, oddly enough, today's cultural diversity training was fairly intense and positive, for the most part. Of course, there was the (patent pending) White Man who felt like he needed to a) defend his entire species against specious accusations of evil-doer-ness and, b) insert the "white male" opinion in any of several (unasked for) situations because, you know, we really don't hear enough of what the "white male" opinion is on any given topic.

The most incredible of these assertions was during an activity called the "caucus breakout." The point of this activity was to divide the group into several subgroups of which people were a member. Some of the groups included Christians, GLBT, non-religious people, people of African heritage, etc. The focus of the activity was to brainstorm as a group a list of things that, were you to be able to represent your group to the world, you would never want to hear again. I joined up with the "overweight" group (ugh, our first brainstorming point was to never hear the word "overweight" again!) and we got together a hefty (arar) list of items that we wished would just go away already, including "If you would only try this diet..." and "You'd be so pretty if you lost some weight" and "You are unhealthy" and "Why don't you try exercising." and, etc. It was a good long list.

Well, up comes Mr. White Man, who...for some strange reason...feels compelled to throw in his 3 cents, even though he's SUPPOSED to be in the Muslim/Islamic group annoying my boss.

Mr. White Man tells us that he's traveled extensively and has lived on the Pacific Islands for some time, and the men there ACTUALLY PREFER fat women! (can you believe it! Some men might find FAT WOMEN desirable! What a coup!) And even though there was very little (read: No) interest expressed in his opinion, he continued to tell us that he once took an informal survey of his class, and the men in the class were divided 50/50 over whether they preferred fat or thin women, but when the men who preferred fat women were asked why, he said they simply said - and then he made hand motions that implied a person digging into someone's flesh in the act of intercourse.

Well, shit, not only was he a fuckwad for polling his students as to their "preference" for what "type" of woman they preferred (and I didn't ask, but I wonder what the women in the class were feeling during this exchange) but now I'm having to think about him thinking about me as a big old juicy wad of flesh to sink his penis into. How nice for me! And I was just thinking I could use a good lay by an pathologically racist/sexist douchebag.

And all of this, as I was fuming about it tonight, led me to a revelation about fat people, and how much sexism plays into sizism (or sizism plays into sexism, depending on how you look at it.) Because, look, what good is a woman unless she's attractive to men? Right? I mean, even in the group as we were brainstorming, most of the concerns the other women had involved being appealing, being sexy, being desirable...and that's great. I mean, it's revolutionary as all fuck to want people to look at your large body and melt with desire...

...but it's also fucked. Because my desire is for people to not necessarily look at me and think about whether or not anyone would want to fuck me. My desire is for people to look at me and think about what I think about things. My desire is to be taken seriously when I discuss issues of wasteful living and anti-consumerism. My desire is for people to see me as a whole, healthy, nurturing, independent, ass-kicking woman. My desire is to be accepted as more than a curvy earth mama goddess figure. My desire is to be considered to be strong and solid, not weak and yielding. My desire is to be seen as beautiful because of who I am and what I believe rather than how I feel about my body and whether I am willing to adorn myself in a sexy manner that belies my size.

Because, really, I've been listening to a lot of conversations about fat people lately, in various forums, and most conversations still revolve around whether or not that fat person is sexually appealing. Most of the fat "role models" out there are always seen dressed in sexy clothing and wearing full make up. It almost seems like a fat no-makeup wearing, no-leg shaving hippy like me simply reinforces the stereotype of the fat, lazy slob. And I don't want to have to wear make up and shave my legs for someone to take me fucking seriously.

I shouldn't have to.

I shouldn't have to be sexy to be listened to.

I shouldn't have to be sexy to be heard.

(also posted at Full Bleed: Confessions of a Zine Girl)

Saturday, August 17, 2002

This just makes me sad.

A quote: "Not my three-year-old. (Like I said, the sins of the mother are sometimes visited on the daughter.) My other three children are slim. But this little one is chubby. Not obese, but definitely overweight. She was born big and stayed that way, but her pediatrician and I agreed not to act on it until she was at least 2 1/2. I would feed her healthy food, but no systematic restrictions.

Well now she's 3 and it's time to get serious. "

3, 3! A three year old needs to lose weight. A child who she states was BORN BIG. Yeah, teach your young child that fat is bad. Teach her to hate her body at 3.

Sounds like the doctor who stated that my niece (who was just over 2 at the time) needed to lose weight. She's perfectly normal on the height/weight growth charts that the damn doctors declare are perfect, yet because she has a little fat on her, she needs to lose weight.

Babies. 2 and 3 year olds are still babies. Little toddlers. We're teaching our girls to hate their bodies at 2 and 3. Is it any wonder that at any time 50% of 9 year old girls are on a diet?!?

50% of 9 year old girls think they're too fat.

It just makes me sad.

Friday, August 09, 2002

While I'm in a ranty ass mood. I'm going to go off a little bit more.

Why in the hell do clothing catalogs that cater to larger women use little tiny models? (Lane Bryant, Silhouettes, I'm looking at you.) When I'm shopping for clothes, I want to see them on fat bodies. I want an idea of how they'll actually hang on someone who has breasts, a belly, an ass, for crying out loud.

Dresses that hang straight on a human clothes hanger (which is what models are reduced to) aren't going to lay the same on my short, round ass. They aren't. I want to see models like what Making It Big and Plus Women use. I want fat, beautiful women, damnit. And I want them now.

Anti-fat bias in medicine

Jason Lucas, a Hodgkins lymphoma survivor went to have his yearly cat scan done at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia. The same hospital that had done the scan the previous 4 years. This year he was told he was too fat to be scanned.

How ridiculous is that? 4 years he was fine, then all of a sudden his too fat for the same equipment? Fat bias rages through our country. It's sickening and unfortunately all too common.

When I became disabled (which has nothing to do with being fat) I was told I was too fat for the doctor's xray machines. That's funny, I'd been xrayed hundred of times with no problem.

Eventually I was xrayed at the hospital, with no problems. And we wonder why fat people suffer instead of being treated? The health industry treats us horribly. It's time to take a stand, damnit.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Hello to all that came here from Big Fat Blog. This is a brand new blog, that was sadly neglected this weekend due to things beyond my control.

I'm working on some new things to put up here, as well as, entries for my personal site. Thanks for your patience

Friday, August 02, 2002

Okay, I'm here. Hopefully I'll figure out this blog thing.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Adbusters is asking for letters from people within the Fat Culture to help in their running of a Fat Culture campaign.

Now, I don't know what a fat culture campaign is, but, I don't want to see Adbusters use the typical tactics of how fat is so horrible.

A quick quote from them:
America is fat, and getting fatter - some 60 percent are already obese. Is this a warning sign of a nation that has lost control? And where do you fit in? Are you resisting? Struggling? Extra large and proud of it? Let's hear your story from within the Fat Culture. bensu@adbusters.org

Send your letters urging them to be responsible to Fat people. To treat us as the human beings we are.

(thanks drublood for the information.)

I've sent invites to 3 people so far, to join me here. I'm so excited. Anyone else? Let me know, just leave a comment with your email and I'll send you an invite.