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Monday, November 04, 2002

My legs are looking better and better. It looks like I will have some scarring, but, I can deal with that. The nurse came in today and changed the dressing on the picc line.

It's pink and irritated and possibly heading for an infection, which is beyond me. I'm on scary amounts of antibiotics, how anything could get infected is beyond me. If the infection gets worse, I'll be going back in the hospital, any spare good thoughts y'all have would be mightily appreciated.

I'm still not spending much time online, as typing hurts. I'll keep y'all up to date on my progress.

Also, I promise once typing is no longer painful, I will email everyone, right now I just can not do it for long, and typing one handed just doesn't work.

Thanks again for the thoughts, prayers, emails, cards, and flowers :D

Have a good day.