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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I'm getting ready to work on my Halloween costume. My original idea did not pan out, so, I've decided on going as the Pumpkin Queen.

Well, we're wearing our costumes to the bar Saturday night for their Halloween party. Tony's (my husband for those who don't read my journal or regular blog, and why don't you?) worried about people saying things about the fat chick in the pumpkin suit.

I understand his worries, because, well fatphobia abounds. There's not a day that goes by where I don't see some sort of fatphobic imagery or hear fatphobic words.

It also saddens me. I love my body, most of the time. It's short and round, it wiggles when I laugh, it makes a good baby holder, since I'm squishy, not all sharp edges. It's me. I'm not getting a new one, I live within the one I have.

I'm going to wear my costume. My round, bright orange one and enjoy myself. Because damnit, I will be the Pumpkin queen. And how many times in your life can you get away with wearing a tiara?

PS. I'm looking for more people interested in participating in this blog. If you are fat positive and would like to post here, either leave me a comment, or email me at suzyfat@mutteringfool.com.

I also need to hear from Von, Dru, and Jorgi. I need pictures for the banner, and to know if y'all are still interested.