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Friday, October 18, 2002

Adipose Nation

"Al Sharpton is a glutton
Rush Limbaugh–he’s one too
Harvey Weinstein eats three mutton
Robert Bork, he burst his buttons
Al Goldstein’s an enormous Jew!
Michael Moore is a glutton
Rosie O’Donnell loves her pie
Carnie Wilson suffered gluttony
Then she got bariatric surgery
And now she looks just fine! "

Does that make you angry? That's the nicest part of the entire article by Zach Parsi. Mr. Parsi wants to not only make fat people feel bad about themselves (because you know we don't get that from all sides 24/7 as it is) but wants to tax us for being overweight.

How does he propose this? By making it mandatory to be of a normal BMI prior to receiving or renewing your driver's license. But, that's not all he has plans for those who are too poor to own a vehicle, as well.

All and all, a truly disgusting article.