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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Weight Loss Ads Called Misleading

"The FTC found that 55 percent of weight-loss ads make claims that lack proof or very likely are false."

Well, no shit. How many times a day do you see an ad: Janie here lost 60 pounds by using (insert product of the day here).

Then in teeny tiny print down at the bottom you see Results Not Typical.

Yeah, I get that. In fact even if Janey did lose 60 lbs, I want to see her in a year. You know when 95+% of people have gained back the weight they lost.

Diet pills, tapes, drinks, shakes, etc, obviously don't work. We spend billions of dollars a year on them. BILLIONS, yet, the USA is getting fatter. We pop the pills, shake the shakes, inhale the 'aroma' of the day, yet we're still fat.

It doesn't work. Fat people know this. The average fat person has tried 6 different weightloss programs. Six! And is still fat. Of course, if everyone focused on how to stop fat people from being ridiculed, harassed, etc, maybe, just maybe we wouldn't need a multibillion dollar industry to tell us how we should look?

Again, stand up, look in the mirror (yeah, as hokey as that is) say it "I'm fat and I kick ass." If more women took their selfloathing and turned it to selflove, what a wonderful world it would be.

And then we can all tell Ms Craig to kiss our wide beautiful asses.