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Sunday, August 25, 2002

I did something this weekend. A thing I'd researched, thought about, worried about, freaked out about over the past couple of years.

It's a small step in my quest to truly accept and love my body as it is. (hey, I'm evolved, but, not that evolved.) I got a seatbelt extender for my car.

Yeah, it seems like no big deal, right? I hadn't wanted to admit to my husband, the man who loves every part of me, that I needed an extender. I just did without a seatbelt. Which is plain stupid.

I didn't completely make the step by myself. Tony went into the Ford dealership and actually got it for me. I'm not that far in my progress, yet. I didn't want to deal with any sneers, snarls, looks.

You know the looks I mean. The "Damn, look at that fat woman." "Run from her, fat might be contagious." "You're disgusting" Those looks. Surprisingly enough, there was no drama.

Tony walked in, asked for the extender, they handed it to him. He came out to the car and handed it to me. One small step, one little step. I'm fat. I need the extra couple of inches to have the seatbelt not ride across my neck. (Yep, my neck. It fit around me, but the way it came across my body with the connection being further back pulled the seatbelt across my neck.)

I spend the day and evening driving with a seatbelt on and grinning.

One step, y'all, one at a time.

I also have to say Ford rocks. They provide the seatbelt extenders at no charge, no fuss, no muss. If you need one call your local dealership. If they don't have one, they will order it for you.

What more information on extenders? Here you go, thanks Elizabeth.

And for information on seatbelts cutting across your neck, go here.