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Friday, August 09, 2002

Anti-fat bias in medicine

Jason Lucas, a Hodgkins lymphoma survivor went to have his yearly cat scan done at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia. The same hospital that had done the scan the previous 4 years. This year he was told he was too fat to be scanned.

How ridiculous is that? 4 years he was fine, then all of a sudden his too fat for the same equipment? Fat bias rages through our country. It's sickening and unfortunately all too common.

When I became disabled (which has nothing to do with being fat) I was told I was too fat for the doctor's xray machines. That's funny, I'd been xrayed hundred of times with no problem.

Eventually I was xrayed at the hospital, with no problems. And we wonder why fat people suffer instead of being treated? The health industry treats us horribly. It's time to take a stand, damnit.