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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

I was going to have a separate page explaining why I'm doing this. Instead I decided to make the initial post, my why.

I'm a fat woman. Not fluffy, not cuddly, not plump, fat. And being fat is not a bad, horrible, evil thing. It's just a thing. It's a
description. You know what? I'm not the only fat woman out there who thinks that being fat is not the worst thing on the

Let me give you a quick couple of items that brought me to finally doing this:

How slamming fat people is still not only allowed, but, thought of as funny.

How females in our society are brought up surrounded by images of extremely thin women as the norm. Guess what? The
average size of an American woman is 14. Not the 0 or 2 that you see on magazine covers or on television.

How we're blamed for being fat. The image of fat people as lazy slobs. We're not. Okay, not all of us. Another guess what?
There are lazy thin slobs, as well.

Fat doesn't equal sad. Fat doesn't equal ugly. Fat doesn't equal smelly, stinky, dirty, any of those other damn things that some
people claim.

Fat is just extra flesh. It's not evil.

So, welcome to my fat and happy world, come on in.